Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"Next economic catastrophe approaches"

At "conspiracy economics" we like nothing better than a good "we are all doomed story".  We are here to document these stories for only then, once doom has descended, will be be able to look back (assuming the Internet survives the said doom-event), and tally the winners and losers in the economic prediction game.

Kingsworldnews are particularly good at this.  At the moment it is generally QE and tapering related.

There are serious economic issues at stake here.  Can we really just continue to print money without debasing the currency?  Perhaps debasing the currency is exactly what is being attempted?  Inflating away the Wests debts with a quick bout of hyperinflation.  Who loses?  Creditor nations?  Who wins, debtor nations.

Best way to survive?  Hold assets and not cash.  Who is a prime suspect?  Yep, Gold and Bitcoins.  Here we are again.  Who has a nice advert placed within this post?  Yep, "Cayden resources" who are...... a gold mining company. 

The article is worth reading.  Jumping to the conclusions.......

World Reaches Tipping Point as Next Catastrophe Approaches [outside link]

 The reason why all of this so incredibly important is that everything is now in place for another crisis as we approach the February debt ceiling limit.  As a consequence, it is extremely critical that investors understand that they should absolutely not be holding dollars or Treasury paper.  They are incredibly overvalued and therefore they will be the ultimate losers here.  Physical gold and silver are the place to be, and can continue to be picked up at prices that reflect severe undervaluation.
Just before Nixon closed the “Gold Window” in the 1971 dollar crisis, Treasury Secretary John Connolly, speaking to the world, said "The dollar is our currency, but your problem.”  To paraphrase him today, he could be saying “Treasury paper is our debt, but your problem.”

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