Monday, 4 November 2013

Who are the "white dragon society"?

For NWO fans out there the White Dragon Society will occasionally pop up on your screens.  But what and who are they?  Look no further.  My bold.

Expanding into the universe sounds like a good plan given the lack of space back down here on earth.

Note, the white dragon society raises the immortal terms "free energy" - that is a post for another day.

Be interesting to know how one becomes meritocratically selected to be part of the agency.

White Dragon Society [outside link]

The White Dragon Society proposes using humanity’s savings to end war, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. After that, humanity can be set on a path of exponential expansion into the universe. Our savings and our future planning can be devoted to such attainable goals as increased longevity, improved human abilities, free energy, the creation of new eco-systems, the expansion of life in all its forms and anything else scientifically possible and morally permissible that we can dream of.

The White Dragon Foundation has been set up in order to attain these goals. It will carry them out by means of a meritocratically staffed international economic planning agency.

There are indications coming from all over that the Old World Order is waging an all out offensive on all fronts in order to maintain its grip on global power.

The world now faces a clear choice between the genocidal, racist religious fanatics who want to murder 5 billion people and a group that wants to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and start a Golden Age.

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