Tuesday, 28 January 2014

From Russia without love for Bitcoins

Breaking news:  Bitcoin use discouraged by the Russian central bank.  Of course they would say that as Russians salt away millions in bitcoin related investments.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation Discourages Use of Bitcoin [crytocoins news]

The Central Bank of Russia has released their view on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We have earlier argued that Russia may outlaw the use of Bitcoin due to its strict monetary policy. It seems our presumption was correct as the press release from the Central Bank of Russia is hostile against the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

A Russian source has told us that the Central Bank’s new stance on virtual currencies means that they have banned the use of it, affecting both their partners and customers. This will make it hard to operate both Bitcoin-exchanges and Bitcoin-businesses in Russia.
A link to the full press release in Russian is provided in the link.

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