Sunday, 2 February 2014

"Engineering financial choas"

Standard conspiracy.  Emerging market problems a deliberate US strategy.  Kingsworld news reports.

There is no doubt that the massive increase in money had to flow somewhere.  A lot went to emerging markets.  The threat of an interest rate rise in the US (as recovery seemingly continues) means hot money is coming back to the US and causing major problems for those countries that have serious misallocation  of capital issues to consider.

Deliberate US policy?  That is a different question but a flight to the dollar would not be a bad thing.  However, US companies still need to sell to someone.

Former US Treasury Official - US Engineering Financial Choas

Today a former US Treasury official told King World News that the United States government is purposefully creating financial chaos all over the world in order to destabilize enemy countries and create a flight into the US dollar.  This is an incredibly important interview, where the former US Treasury official lays out exactly what Washington and the US Fed are intentionally doing to the world in this powerful interview.

 Eric King:  “This emerging markets mess, your thoughts here because there is (so much) turmoil around the world at this point.”

Dr. Roberts:  “Eric, there are different ways you can look at the emerging markets mess.  One is that all the liquidity that the Fed created, some of it flowed into emerging markets, and now that the Fed is indicating an end to quantitative easing the money is flowing out.  As it does it causes the sale of those currencies in those countries and they plummet, and this causes all kinds of financial chaos.  That’s one way to look at it (the way the mainstream media propaganda is leading people to believe)....

After this the article gets even more conspiratorial.

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