Monday, 10 February 2014

The Maxcoin conspiracy

So Max Keiser launches MaxCoin.   Max is ahead of his time and presents the best economics related show on TV.  I first discovered him sitting in a hotel room in Kazakhstan many moons ago.  As the only English speaking show on TV I watched and was hooked. 

Max has how moved to London and continues to entertain and inform.  He is also gold dust for any good conspiracy economics website (where gold as an investment features regularly)

So back to Maxcoin.  Max may say that he is launching Maxcoin to provide an alternative to fiat currencies and to expose the corrupt bankers and the insanity of printing money to save the planet.

But think again.  Launching Maxcoin and then Stacycoin (his excellent wife and sidekick) is really a clever way of fundamentally undermining credibility in Bitcoin.

The launch of Maxcoin may well spell the END of Bitcoin as the credibility of cryptocurrencies has been fundamentally undermined.

Note the fall in Botcoin since the launch pf Maxcoin?  Are cryptocoins now a laughing stock?

There is an underbelly that needs to be this space.

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