Monday, 10 February 2014

UK floods "Did The Environment Agency Deliberately Increase Flooding?"

Mail on Sunday reports in the usual way...  Parsnips and voles get priority over people.  If it were not for the popularity of this paper it would be less of a problem.

The conspiracy angle is interesting though.  The environmental agency have a limited budget to spend which is allocated by government.  The recent floods might result in an increased budget in the future which means jobs are safer in the EA and the empire grows.

Agency for flooding that puts greater water parsnips and voles before local people

"The Environment Agency put water voles, greater water parsnips, silver diving beetles and large marsh grasshoppers ahead of people in the flood-ravaged Somerset Levels, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. 

A 250-page agency document issued in 2008 shows that years of neglecting vital dredging which used to let water drain away much faster is part of a deliberate policy to increase flooding in the areas now worst affected.

The policy was revealed as agency director of operations David Jordan angered residents yesterday by calling the flood defences a ‘success story’."

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